BLACK SERUM San Francisco 2019



A friendly reminder: tattoos are expensive as they are a permanent investment in art you will wear for the duration of your life <3

∆ DOs: original commissions, faces, places, creatures, skulls, bones, snakes, surrealism, lining, shading, landscapes, artifacts, architecture, symbols, sculptures/paintings/drawings, hands, food, daily objects, scientific illustrations, botany, scripts

∆ DON’Ts: mandalas, culturally appropriative iconography, color tattoos (for now…), zones: fingers/feet/face/lips/genitals
  1. Please review the two lists above : ensure your subject fits my style & comfort zone

  2. Fill out the open form below (please only reach out once you’re sure of your idea).

  3. I will reply ASAP. Please be patient—I manage my own bookings while balancing a full design and tattoo schedule— I strive to accommodate all requests and wont respond until I can give you my full attention.

  4. Slots are first come, first served based on how soon I receive your deposit/committal.

  5. To book an official appointment, I will send you a deposit agreement and request a non-refundable sliding scale of a minimum $100-$200 deposit . This deposit ensures your serious commitment to my time and will be applied to the total cost of your tattoo. I will archive our transaction and offer you a slot in my calendar :)

  6. Consult is all via email—we will talk subject, placement, size and your budget.

  7. If this is your first tattoo, please read through my prep / aftercare advice pages.

  8. You will get tattooed on our scheduled day!

** I will ONLY respond to completed forms **